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Custom Car Motorcycle Watercraft Appraisals in Clearwater Beach, FL

If you are like us, you love your car. You have probably spent countless hours and dollars making it everything you have always dreamed of. We, like you, enjoy being around car people, and more importantly cars themselves.

Although car people love to spend time and money on their cars, they all too often forget to properly value their car for insurance purposes. Dollar after dollar goes in, but never gets properly documented so that if a catastrophic event strikes, the real cost of putting the car back together gets paid by the insurance company. As collector car owners ourselves, we understand the importance of our product first hand. Fill out the form on the right to get started on your on-site Clearwater Beach, FL car appraisal.

Serving Clearwater Beach, FL

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Facts about Clearwater Beach, FL

Clearwater Beach includes a resort area and a residential area on a barrier island in the Gulf of Mexico in Pinellas County on the west-central coast of Florida. Located just west over the Intracoastal Waterway by way of the Clearwater Memorial Causeway from the rest of the city of Clearwater, Florida, of which it is part, Clearwater Beach is at a geographic latitude of 27.57 N and longitude 82.48 W.


With an annual mean temperature of around 73 °F (23 °C), Clearwater Beach has a climate that borders on humid subtropical and tropical savanna. Clearwater Beach experiences hot and humid summers (although somewhat tempered, due to the sea breeze off the Gulf of Mexico) with frequent thunderstorms; and warm, but drier winters.


Clearwater Beach is approximately 20 miles (30 km) from Tampa International Airport and 25 miles (40 km) from downtown Tampa. St. Pete-Clearwater International Airport is also within close proximity of Clearwater Beach.


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Custom Car Motorcycle Watercraft Appraisals in Clearwater Beach, FL